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Chlorine Dioxide Refill Promo (Free Mini) – limited sets


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3 bottles of Chlorine Dioxide (35 Tablets) and

1 FREE GoodAire Mini Disinfector (suitable for use in car, office desk and small office space)

Ship in 2-3 working days


3 bottles of Chlorine Dioxide (35 Tablets) and

1 FREE Mini Disinfector

3 Bottles of Chlorine Dioxide Tablets (35 pieces per bottle)

For mixing one tablet with 1000 ml of water to create solution for use in GoodAire products

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Disinfects
  • Removes odour
  • Repels insects

Recommendation: To be used together with GoodAire DST+ Fragrance.

GoodAire Mini (USB Powered – Colourful Disinfector)

    • Product Size: 68* 68 * 143 mm
    • Net Weight: 120 g
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Used Power: 2W
    • Capacity: 320ml
    • Usage Time: 4~10hrs
    • Timing: 4 hrs in 1st gear, 10 hrs in 2nd gear.
    • Mist Amount: 40 ml/h
    • Accessories: 1 x USB cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x filter
    • 6 months limited warranty from Date of Purchase

About Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an extremely powerful disinfectant that is even more effective than Free Chlorine (Cl2) and Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO).

It aggressively kills bacteria and viruses. ClO2 is widely used across variety industries, commercial and households as a disinfectant such as food and beverage productions, public water treatment and medical applications.

Chlorine dioxide has been approved and registered as a disinfectant, sanitiser and steriliser by the following organisations:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

GoodAire Sanz with ClO2 satisfies all safety concerns worldwide and has the ability to “destroy or eliminate all forms of microbial including fungi, viruses, and all forms of bacteria and their spores” in foods & beverages processing plants, meat & poultry, hospitals, laboratories, potable drinking water supply and waste water treatment plant around the world.

Its strong redox effect demotes and breaks down viruses, bacteria, yeast and mould, but does not cause any harm to humans, animals and plants.

No Concerns Regarding Drug Resistance During the disinfection process, ClO2 reacts directly with the bacteria and the cell wall of the virus. Therefore, there are no concerns regarding drug resistance or cytopathic during the disinfection process.

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Jardin + 2 x Chlorine Dioxide, Apple + 2 x Chlorine Dioxide, Lavender + 2 x Chlorine Dioxide, Eucalyptus + 2 x Chlorine Dioxide, Anjeer + 2 x Chlorine Dioxide, Oasis + 2 x Chlorine Dioxide


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